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Workplace Racial Discrimination Case

Sometimes a racial discrimination case can take on a significance that outweighs a money award. A few years ago, Alford & Bertrand filed suit against a national pharmaceutical chain relative to an action of racial discrimination. The findings of the Massachusetts Commission Against Racial Discrimination, after fifteen days of trial, established a new approach to reviewing employment claims in this case. For the first time the Commission found that retaliation by an employer in reaction to a claim of discrimination was as important as the Commission's evaluation of the original facts, which resulted in the claim of discrimination.

The emphasis on analyzing the retaliation element of the case put employers on notice that they could not punish employees for complaining about employment related acts of discrimination. In this case, the victim of retaliation received a substantial money damages award and the commission issued an order for the national pharmaceutical chain to provide its managers and employees with extensive training on issues related to race and ethnicity sensitivity in the workplace.

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